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Best way to compose a play or musical

The scriptwriters for Underwear Space Musical have been so kind as to share their knowledge on how to write a script, and we are super thankful for them sharing. We’re super blessed that you will have somewhere to go from where you’re at now with all youre questions, and ask understands. One of these screen/ scriptwriters has come from a background of blue collar work, and used to work for Concrete Contractor Fresno before she followed her passion and began writing plays and musicals like this. Big shout out to her, because she didn’t have to do this, and we are forever grateful that she shared this incredible knowledge with us all!


So first you need to have an incredibly diverse amount of writers or at least one writer that is incredibly diverse in there thinking that can come up with the concept of the musical. Then he actually have to sit down for anywhere from a month to over two years to actually write the script of the musical and you also need to write music. So each process has its own genius. It’s very uncommon that one person or even one group of people can write the entire play as well as musical. I did have one friend who wrote the musical “Teeth” who did everything but he was a very talented individual.


So usually you have someone write the screenplay and music separately. And that needs to be approved by some kind of producer. And the producer is it will take between 1 to 6 months in determining whether not they want to pursue a contract with you so that they get a share of the royalties from this movie. Or a musical in our case. And they also need to approve the. Music in the movie. And then you didn’t submit for copywriting. And trademarking and any other legal processes. This is probably the least favorite of mine because it’s the least fun it’s all business and technical stuff. Then after we need to have tryouts for the cast. For a musical you need to make sure that they can sing obviously, but then also an active perform live. Then you need to hire the cast, and then you need to practice practice practice.

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What To Know About K-Pop Dance

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