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How To Write Your Own Script

Here you’ll locate simple step by step suggestions about the best way to compose a play, to choosing the best starting point from creating characters. This can be one of many pages with this web site with guidance and creative writing thoughts. At the base of the the page, you will discover links to associated pages on the best way to write screenplays and plays.

Best way to compose a play or musical

The scriptwriters for Underwear Space Musical have been so kind as to share their knowledge on how to write a script, and we are super thankful for them sharing.  We’re super blessed that you will have somewhere to go from where you’re at now with all youre questions, and ask understands. One of these screen/ scriptwriters has come from a background of blue collar work, and used to work for Concrete Contractor Fresno before she followed her passion and began writing plays and musicals like this. Big shout out to her, because she didn’t have to do this, and we are forever grateful that she shared this incredible knowledge with us all!

The best way to compose a play – See and read plays.

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Character Development: Wolf the Dog

There is a special character that’s basically in an alternate version of musicals that may or may not make the final cut.

Wolf dog is a  VERY  flamboyant character in this musical that is quite hilarious actually. Think of him as Elton John Mixed with Liberache. Combine those two and you have a  LOT of gayness and flamboyance.

Wolf the dog is based out on the moon because of course there is a space aspect to this movie/musical. And he’s a dog that wears underwear which makes it pretty strange, but he actually trying time travels back to when The astronauts originally supposedly landed on the moon in 1969. Actually, he’s  quite an intelligent dog so it makes it pretty funny because obviously not a human but questions he asked for knots and he thinks the entire Moon landing that some of the plot but I actually just want to talk about right now is the character development of wolf. Continue reading Character Development: Wolf the Dog

What it takes to put on a musical

A lot of people don’t truly appreciate what it takes to produce musical of this proportion, like the underwear space musical.

We wanted to give you a brief insight to the inner workings of how this musical was developed so that you may further appreciate our play in the entrance masterpiece.


So first you need to have an incredibly diverse amount of writers or at least one writer that is incredibly diverse in there thinking that can come up with the concept of the musical. Then he actually have to sit down for anywhere from a month to over two years to actually write the script of the musical and you also need to write music. So each process has its own genius. It’s very uncommon that one person or even one group of people can write the entire play as well as musical. I did have one friend who wrote the musical “Teeth” who did everything but he was a very talented individual.


So usually you have someone write the screenplay and music separately. And that needs to be approved by some kind of producer. And the producer is it will take between 1 to 6 months in determining whether not they want to pursue a contract with you so that they get a share of the royalties from this movie. Or a musical in our case. And they also need to approve the. Music in the movie. And then you didn’t submit for copywriting. And trademarking and any other legal processes. This is probably the least favorite of mine because it’s the least fun it’s all business and technical stuff. Then after we need to have tryouts for the cast. For a musical you need to make sure that they can sing obviously, but then also an active perform live.  Then you need to hire the cast, and then you need to practice practice practice.

Set the date

Did I mention you need to have a date set as well? This is when you plan on going live. Or at least producing your first production of the show. And then when all that said and done you need to practice more and then have a live run through and make sure that your sound is working and that everyone knows their lines. This needs to happen in every location unless you’re doing it at one location. And this is just some and not even all of what goes into making a musical production like the underwear and space Museum. So now I can hope that you can appreciate a little bit more all the work that goes into it.

The Plot – Part 2

As you stated before little bit about the plot development for an underwater space musical is about those that go out to outer space in their underwear. As a follow up to our previous article, it Might seem a little bit funny and strange, but when you see the full production I think you’ll think it’s a great time for the whole family and and the kids as well. So if you come out and watch it, there is a lot of singing and dancing, you know you will see some people in their underwear but it’s nothing too graphic. So would Monday the lead Mun – Dunkas text center I mean the guys got a great voice, it’s really amazing. The plot really sickens when Bob and starts to take LSD in the second half of the movie, the musical. You know what happens when someone takes LSD? If you go crazy. You can imagine what happens to the main character. He goes off the deep end. And he goes on and on and on about the The times he’s had an outer space, but the funny thing is that he’s actually telling the truth. The truth is is that he does split his time between outerspace and earth. And the story is just kind of crazy overall. It really is. I don’t want to give too much of it away here but I can just give teasers.  So hopefully there’s enough here to get you interested and willing to at least consider patronizing us. So if you come out and watch to play you will be able to see the full dialogue happen in the development of characters about the musical and you experience a really fun time in a real treat because of the talent of the cast has. It’s going to be unlike any museum you’ve ever seen!

Underwear Space Musical: an Intro

Underwear space musical part one:  the characters.

The character lineup in underwear space musical is pretty awesome, so we think. The first character is the main character and his name is money Dunkas diddly Dunkas fungus shit Dunkas will call him MDS for sure. So MDS is a character who is actually an astronaut. We went to Texas A&M University, and stayed agriculture and mine. He then moved out to around to Larry California to become an astronaut but the only problem was is that there was an underwear shortage. It was a character that also became a farmer and and you’ll find out more about him as the plot thickens. Bailey boo. Bailey was or is it should say the other character who is a dog goes to outerspace and and also wears a underwear because she has menstruation because she is not been fixed yet. She is a second star because she’s always with MDS and it will be interesting to see or so you will see how the story plays out over the course of the play or the movie.

He basically acts like Jim Carey in the Mask movie, as depicted below:

Stevie executor girl is in love with MDS. She is a dancer and she wants to go to outerspace to the ship, or lease the space station to be able to help professor love for MDF. She knows the way to MDS his heart is through The dog Bailey boo and you will see how this part of the story goes.

The final character of the story, the underwear space musical, is McVeigh, also known as swiftly. Swifty is a prick of a son of a bitch. He is the manager of the space station and he is a total wire. He is a total prick as well. He gets in trouble with the law all the time basically a total a whole. He used to be a truck driver and now like I said he is the manager of the space station where all these people come in their underwear. It’s also pretty disgusting pervert and also an old crusty nasty man who is very disgusting. They somewhat comical if you’re into that kind of stuff but I guess time will tell if you think it’s funny or not. If you like that for real like this guy Tonya. Tonya is a dreamer. She works for the government so shoot you know she’s lazy as hell. But she does have green one big going on making something of her life rather than mooching off of the labor of someone else who are known as the workers. She knows that the government is disgusting and sick and twisted and all they do is steal money from people, if you actually want to do something. So she goes out on a on a railroad track, and she tries to find your way to the spaceship again all of her underwear which for some people that’s cool but for others it’s just totally not. In her case very attractive, so it’s pretty cool. As you’ll see in the play and as the plot begins and develops you will notice how he is interesting character…. 🙂