Character Development: Wolf the Dog

There is a special character that’s basically in an alternate version of musicals that may or may not make the final cut.

Wolf dog is a  VERY  flamboyant character in this musical that is quite hilarious actually. Think of him as Elton John Mixed with Liberache. Combine those two and you have a  LOT of gayness and flamboyance.

Wolf the dog is based out on the moon because of course there is a space aspect to this movie/musical. And he’s a dog that wears underwear which makes it pretty strange, but he actually trying time travels back to when The astronauts originally supposedly landed on the moon in 1969. Actually, he’s  quite an intelligent dog so it makes it pretty funny because obviously not a human but questions he asked for knots and he thinks the entire Moon landing that some of the plot but I actually just want to talk about right now is the character development of wolf.

So wolf question buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong and asked them a bunch of questions about what some conspiracy fairest say about their landing on the moon. Now wolf doesn’t know if he’s actually elucidating going back in time actually seeing this happen or not, but in the movie see him actually there on the moon landing on. He’s not sure if he’s hallucinating and actually seeing this and I can’t give away the plot The ending you had to come out and see if yourself by the needy, but I can’t tell you that it’s a really hilarious spending it with this new character as well which will be very interesting. In the coming postal right about more characters and their development as well as some more happenings on the plot development as it thickens. Tomorrow we’ll to try to get you some information about dates that we will be performing and what you can do to get us to perform an area near you. And if you haven’t already read about what it takes to put on a music like we wrote in our last article, definitely check it out because it’s pretty amazing the work that goes into a production like this.

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