One of the newest trends taking over the airwaves and pop culture is the K-Pop trend. This is something new and exciting that helps to bridge the gap between cultures and is even encouraging people to learn new languages and skills.

Still confused about what K-Pop is and why it is so popular? We have a primer course for you.

Just What Is K-Pop?

According to K-Pop Deal, the term is short for Korean Pop or Korean Popular Music. As such, it originated in Korea. It is a genre that is comparable to top 40 music in our culture. It emerged in the 1990s, when we were having our own boy and girl band craze. While ours faded away, K-Pop just continued to get stronger and take over the world.

Most of the K-Pop we hear today comes out of South Korea. It started trickling out with girl groups, even though the boy bands tend to be the ones that are more popular. No matter what, they are continuing to take over the music world in all aspects.

What Makes K-Pop So Popular?

There are so many different things that make K-Pop as popular as it is. It is a perfect storm of fun and art, technique and personality. Every group has its own special make-up that makes it different but still familiar enough to appeal to people who may not speak their language.

One reason K-Pop is so popular is because each group has its own personalities. If you think about a group like the Spice Girls, for example, you will notice that everyone had their own personality that young teens could cling to – you were a Baby Spice or a Ginger Spice. K-Pop is the same and the performers live in those tropes. They are mysterious, funny, angry, trouble making, sensitive, or romantic, to name a few. Everything they do reflects this personality – what they wear, how they sing, their personal dance styles, their interactions with fans, and even how they use social media.

Another reason it is so popular is that these performers and practiced and perfect. They ensure that everything is polished, from the way they move to their hairstyles. Nothing goes wrong and if it does, they have practiced ways to get out of it.

K-Pop Dance Continues To Reign Supreme

Many people started to love K-Pop because the dancing is so good and catchy. The movements are deceptively easy at times and mind-blowingly creative at other times. In fact, K-Pop dance is so popular that there have been many K-Pop dance classes in Toronto popping up – people want to learn those moves.

Some of the most popular dance moves in K-Pop dance are the Dabb, Jello Legs, Chest Thrust, Scorpion, Backpack Kid, Whip, Baby Doll Walk, Shoulder Shuffle, Hallyu, and some new ones that are created every day.

For those who are new to K-Pop dance, some of the most simple moves are actually deceptive.

That is just a bit on what K-Pop is and why it is so popular. Surely, there does not look to be an end to this trend, and that is a good thing. More and more people are traveling to South Korea, learning the language, and embracing a culture that has not been embraced before now.

Image by ktphotography from Pixabay